Product / Technology / Startups

Parinati has a range of service offerings across the Applications Development and Maintenance (ADM) space, Managed Captive Services and Mobility solutions domain, for the Product and technology companies as well as Start-ups.

We believe that each of our customer have their own distinct flavour in terms of their technology and other needs. More so, with young product, technology based and start-ups. Many of these companies usually face challenges in terms of scaling up their technology teams in terms of the breadth and depth of the competencies required, costs, associate churn and lack of knowledge of delivery related processes.

In view of the above, Parinati has developed a highly scalable, flexible and cost efficient engagement model for this customer segment. We work under various models such as revenue sharing, cost plus, pure staff augmentation or any other model as preferred or suitable for our customers.

Parinati partners with our customers across the development, implementation and support cycles. We have established tight IPR protection framework for the various activities in this area.

We strongly leverage the Innovation Centre set up by Accion Labs (our parent company) to create good value for our customers.

We have worked with over 8+ such companies across the globe.