Mobility Solutions

The mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc) have become the ubiquitous delivery channel, for various services, be it Business-to-business (B2B), Government-to-Citizen(G2C) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C). This has largely been facilitated by the ever-increasing penetration of data networks across the world as well as the lower barriers to owning hi-tech devices due to ever falling costs.

Also, the mobile phones and devices have become a very essential part of our day-to-day lives, in terms of its utility for purposes of entertainment, connectivity, collaborative tools, social media, etc. The mobile has redefined the concept of “last-mile” connectivity to mankind, by being almost omni-present everywhere.

This has given rise to a whole new domain of mobility based solutions. The market for tools to create consumer and enterprise-facing apps is growing rapidly. Parinati has worked on mobile app development across areas such as social, gaming and enterprise based functions.

We leverage a good team of solution architects, UI / UX consultants and developers to ensure customer satisfaction.

Parinati offers services across the lifecycle of design, development, production support and enhancements on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.

Our parent company, Accion Labs, also has a rich and extensive experience in mobility solutions domain. Parinati strongly leverages Accion Labs’ pool of experts, especially for mobile solution architecting and design, UI / UX and other related areas.