Managed Captive Services

Technology is increasingly becoming the back-bone across multiple business verticals such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Utilities, Government, etc. This has resulted in the technology spends becoming the key factor both in terms of strategy as well as costs for many companies.

Most of the companies today operate out of high-cost locations. With the technology teams mostly playing “behind-the-curtains” roles and functions, it is a significant drain on the company balance sheets for the technology teams being co-hosted in the same high-cost locations as the customer-facing front-office teams.

In this regard, we believe that the companies should explore the options of setting up their technology centers, mainly for the support functions for Run-The-Business applications, network, hardware and other infrastructure, in Middle India.

Parinati has been successfully working in the Middle India based IT Services model for the last 5+ years. Parinati proposes to work in the Managed Captive Services model, with our customers in verticals such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Retails, e-commerce, IT Services, etc.

The high-level engagement model will be as below:

The broad framework of the Managed Captive Services model is as below:

There are several dimensions involved in setting up a Technology Center:

  • Office space infrastructure
  • HW / SW infrastructure
  • Leadership team
  • Ops / Admin team
  • Technical / delivery teams

Parinati could be engaged in the Managed Captive Services Model in any permutations (a few sample given below):


Parinati also works under the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model wherein the ownership of the entire facility including the human resources could be transferred to the customer in the future, if so required.