IT Services Companies

The IT Services companies currently operate in the highly matured global delivery model comprising Onsite (End-Customer site), Near-shore and Offshore. Their offshore development centers are pre-dominantly located in the Tier 1 cities of India.

These companies face huge challenges in terms of the following:

  • Increasing costs of revenues
  • Linearity of revenue growth as a factor of the human resources growth
  • Decreasing value differentiations in the offerings to the end-customers for their ‘Run-The-Business’ applications portfolio
  • Managing aspirations of their associates in terms of engaging in the higher end of the IT Services spectrum

Parinati strongly believes that the next level of innovation in their delivery model would be the adoption of an ancillary development framework, similar to the model followed by the automobile and pharma industries.

We work with the IT Services companies as their ancillary delivery partner. We plan to set up ADM factories for these companies, specifically in the ‘commodity’ technologies such as Java / J2EE, .Net, etc. We believe that the factory model will create good cost-efficiencies and productive capacities for the IT Services companies.

We also plan to set up ‘Assurance services’ factories in similar model, for the IT Services companies.

A representative list of IT Services companies that we have worked with, is given below:

  • One of the largest Indian IT Services companies
  • An IT company providing core banking solutions in the SaaS model – one of the largest of its kind in India
  • An IT Services company focused on products and services for the Financial Services domain
  • A fast growing start-up IT product company in the Banking domain for business intelligence
  • A product company specialising in information management and reporting solutions
  • A UX focused company specializing in human screen interactions for all devices, platforms and purposes
  • A large Indian IT Product and Services company